Heidi is a student at the ASIS Flagstaff campus and was chosen as our November Student of the Month because she “spreads encouragement and optimism throughout campus.”

Name one person who has had an impact on your life and explain why:
My mom has always worked two or three jobs as a single mother trying to raise me while having to handle my teenage siblings. She will always give a loving hand to a person in need and I have always admired that about her.

How did you become interested in becoming a massage therapist?
I became interested in human anatomy in about eighth grade. I always enjoyed my science classes much more when anatomy was the topic. When I learned that you could help others through a healing touch I was intrigued, so I attended a couple elective courses junior and senior year at CAVIT.

What led you to choose ASIS Massage Education as your massage therapy school?
After high school I had chosen to attend the University of Arizona due to them planning to create a massage program. Only after I was through orientation and admissions was I informed they would not be starting the program at that time. Long story short, I went into a business degree since I dream to have my own practice one day; however, I wound up disliking school more than I had my whole life. When I found ASIS after a couple years’ break from education, I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and admissions persons that helped guide me through a tour. I knew I had to attend school here.

What is your favorite thing about ASIS and why?
My favorite thing about this school is that to me it doesn’t feel like school. The way that everything is structured is not like you have specifically timed classes every day or passing periods, or desks, or dress code that creates discomfort! I wake up excited to learn new things every day and everyone here respects every other person as a fellow creature on this earth.

Name one thing you cannot live without:
One thing I will never be able to live without is my music. When I was four I first began learning piano and began taking lessons when I was nine. At eleven I expressed interest in the clarinet and continued to play through the age of eighteen. When I was fourteen I wished to become a percussionist and continued from freshman year through senior winter being on an independent drum line that won second place nationally. I have always been a musician and will always hold music close to my heart. One of the main ways I express myself and how I am feeling is through my music.

Name one country you would love to visit:
I would love to visit Ireland. I have always been interested in the culture. Also, from what I have seen in photographs of the scenery I want to be able to soak in all of the incredible beauty. There’s just so much that I would love to see that I’m pretty sure I’m going to need a two-week vacation soon.

Are you a dog or cat person? Or both or neither?
Out of dogs and cats I like both. I have two cats, Chloe and Peaches. I had a relationship a husky puppy and helped raise him for two years, and I have never had an animal with as much love and personality as that little guy. I love all of my animals. They are like our children that we choose to accept and care for in our homes, and I could never choose between them.

State three adjectives that describe you:
I believe three adjectives that describe me are bubbly, smiley, and intelligent.

What is your go-to song when you need to get motivated?
My go-to get motivated song is “Jekyll and Hyde” by Five Finger Death Punch!

What are your plans after graduating from massage therapy school?
My plan after massage school is to get hired in a spa and work there for about a year as well as serve for a while to be able to save money. From there I will go where the road takes me.

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