Tech Tools for Therapists IMAGEToday’s technology provides several advantages to independent massage therapists in the form of apps, programs, and even videos. Freelancers and those who operate their own practice can get help with scheduling, marketing, bookkeeping, and even SOAP notes at the touch of a screen!

Here’s a list of some of the most helpful tech tools for massage therapists:

Bodywork Buddy
Type of tech: Online
With the ability to track client referrals, send appointment confirmation and reminder emails, let your clients schedule appointments online, record expenses, and print expense reports, what’s not to love?

Massage Sloth
Type of tech: Video Tutorials
Ian Harvey, aka the Massage Sloth, produces popular video tutorials on every massage-related topic you can imagine—plus, he hangs out with an actual sloth. If you “want to see massage tutorials from a myofascial perspective,” join the tens of thousands of people that watch Ian and his spirit animal wax poetic about all things massage. Whether you’re a student or a seasoned massage professional, you’ll get a kick out of these videos.

Type of tech: App and Online
You’ll love the fact that you can manage your schedule, send out appointment reminders, and even take payments with this handy little app, but massage therapists are going gaga over the fact that they can use MassageBook to take SOAP notes. Your SOAP notes even link to your client’s “file,” making it a cinch to look up the client’s history. And no need to worry about security, records are HIPAA complaint and ultra secure.

Meditation Relax Music
Type of tech: Audio/Video
Massage therapists sometimes spend hours (or days!) carefully curating playlists for sessions. Save time and money by taking advantage of the videos on the Meditation Relax Music YouTube channel. The videos are specifically designed to play during massage therapy, reiki, yoga, and all types of bodywork sessions.

Type of tech: App and Online
As its name implies, this app is focused on scheduling more than anything else, but it does provide some other features, such as the ability to launch email marketing campaigns—it even includes templates. But ease of scheduling is where Schedulicity really shines, allowing clients to book appointments through your Facebook page, your website, or through the Schedulicity app or website.

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