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We know that not every student learns the same way. That's why we like to say, "We teach the way YOU learn."

About Us

The TruMantra family of schools were created to genuinely preserve a very unique integrative approach to massage therapy education. For over 20 years, schools that subscribe to this philosophy have honed and refined their curriculum, teaching styles, classroom dynamics and culture, all in the name of serving students and creating an atmosphere of learning excellence. We know that not every student learns the same way. That's why we like to say, "We teach the way YOU learn.” In all aspects of our school, we incorporate Perceptual Training Patterns so that each student is presented the information in the way they best absorb it. If you go no further, this is one of the most important aspects of a TruMantra school, and one that should mean to most to you as a student. You are not just a number at a TruMantra school.

TruMantra schools are based upon a successful blueprint of the space and education necessary for their students to become amazing massage therapists and body workers. Massage has been used throughout history as a treatment for pain and disease. It promotes circulation of blood, lymphatic flow, muscular relaxation, a greater base in standing and moving, and increased sensory awareness. Through the practice of massage, we can also become aware of lifestyle and psychological patterns, which may be causing or perpetuating painful and limiting ways of being.

TruMantra promotes transpersonal training dedicated to the whole person. In an inclusive environment, students will be invited to take the time and space needed for deep learning to occur. Students will explore human anatomy and physiology, hydrotherapy, and a wide variety of massage modalities. In a safe, supportive, yet evocative setting, we guide schools in preparing students to meet the challenges they will face as contributing members of the healthcare system.

We are dedicated to the path of peace, compassion, and honesty. We believe it is essential that the goals of learning and therapy be those of the student rather than the teacher. In keeping with this philosophy, it is TruMantra's belief that there is a direct correlation between how we view ourselves and how we view others.

We are happy you are considering massage in your life. When offered in a caring, mutually respectful environment, we have found massage therapy to be a very nourishing practice, which helps promote health, understanding, acceptance, and peace.

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