Career Paths for Massage Therapists: Hospitality (Part 2 of 5)

High End Spa Mandarin Oriental TokyoWould you like working in a fun, yet very fast-paced environment, like a cruise ship or resort? Or perhaps you’d prefer a sophisticated and luxurious atmosphere such as a high-end salon to practice your skill?
If these examples excite you more than working at a hospital or with athletes, working in the hospitality industry may be the ideal career path for you.
Clients may seek massage treatment for a variety of reasons, but when a client books a session at a local spa or while on vacation, it is more than likely that they are seeking a restorative and relaxing experience.
Are you passionate about providing your future clients with that kind of experience? If you’re still reading this, then the possibility of improving someone’s mood probably gives you a sense of deep fulfillment.
You’re in luck. Not only is the field of massage therapy growing rapidly (faster than any other career, actually!) according to the United States Department of Labor, but it also provides many opportunities in hospitality, such as employment at spas, salons, vacation resorts, cruise ships, and more.
As you’ll learn throughout this series, there are all kinds of opportunities available to you after you graduate from massage therapy school. The choice is yours and the future is limitless. For information on working in the healthcare field, tune in for Part 3 of this series.

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