Beyond the Degree: Exploring the Complexities of Gainful Employment with Dr. Patrick Comstock

In this informative episode of the Higher Ed Podcast, Dr. Patrick Comstock joins as a guest to shed light on the topic of gainful employment and its significant impact on higher education. As the Chief Compliance Officer for Trrumantra Education Group, Dr. Comstock brings valuable insights into the evolving regulations surrounding gainful employment. The discussion explores the complexities of the ruling, focusing on two primary tests: the debt-to-earnings ratio and the earnings premium test. With intense scrutiny and numerous comments from various stakeholders, the podcast delves into the potential consequences for students and institutions alike, including the risk of losing financial aid eligibility and the challenges faced by specific programs. Listeners gain a comprehensive overview of gainful employment, its implications, and the ongoing efforts to understand and navigate the evolving landscape of higher education regulations.

You can listen to the podcast here!